Thrivent Financial

Eligible Thrivent Financial members now have the opportunity to support Western South Dakota Senior Services, Inc through the Thrivent Choice program! Members are allotted Choice Dollars and then can use them let Thrivent know which charitable organizations should receive grant funding from Western South Dakota Senior Services, Inc. dba Meals on Wheels
Western South Dakota is now one of the nonprofit organizations that Thrivent members can choose to direct their Choice Dollars toward.

How to Direct Thrivent Choice Dollars


1. Visit
2. In the Direct Choice Dollars section on the right, click “Get started now.”
3. Log in by entering your user ID and password. (If you haven’t yet registered on, click “Register for account access.”)
4. Find the number of Choice Dollars available to direct.
5. Search for and locate Western South Dakota Senior Services, Inc.
6. Choose “Direct All” or enter a specific number and click “Direct Now.”

By phone

1. Call 800-847-4836 and when prompted, say “Thrivent Choice.”
2. Press 1 to direct Choice Dollars or 2 to hear Thrivent Choice program Terms and Conditions (If prompted, say or enter your phone number and date of birth.)
3. A representative will work with you to direct Choice Dollars.

Who is Eligible for Thrivent Choice?

Eligible members that are designated Choice Dollars include:

•Individuals with qualifying Thrivent benefits products such as life, disability income and long-term care insurance or annuities.
•People holding a qualifying Thrivent volunteer leadership position.

You can check to see if you are eligible for the Thrivent Choice program here.

The 2017 Thrivent Choice deadline to direct dollars is March 31, so if you have Choice Dollars available to direct, please consider directing them to Western South Dakota Senior Services, Inc. Thrivent Choice grant funding will be used to support the delivery of nutritious meals to seniors and people with disabilities throughout the Western South Dakota. Click here for more information on the Thrivent Choice program.